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About Our Castella Quarries

Frank Phillips purchased the Castella block which was next door to the closed CSR Quarry operation at a public auction; He intended to run cattle on the block until such time that he was able to obtain a permit to open a Quarry. Almost seven years later the permit to Quarry was granted.

Frank and his son Grant commenced Road access and Haul road construction in January 1997 .This was completed by December 1997. On the 2nd of January 1998 Castella Quarries was opened for business. Drew, Frank’s younger son joined the business in 2000, as the Quarry Manager. In 2007 Grant left the family business, leaving Frank his wife Shirley and Drew running the show. Sadly Frank passed away in 2013. Shirley and Drew continue to operate and expand the ongoing operation.

We have always been dedicated to produce Consistent, High Quality Products to exceed the customer’s requirements. To compliment this, we have an efficient delivery service that aims to meet the needs of our clients.

The site has an estimated life span of 100 years ensuring Franks legacy of commitment, foresight and dedication, shall live on for the future generations of the Phillips family.

Castella Quarries

The Quarry site is approximately 645 metres above sea level. This provides a working temperature from below Zero degrees Celsius in winter to 50, degrees Celsius in summer. Rainfall can vary depending on the season from 70ml per day in winter to drought in summer.

The rock type is a Metamorphic Hornfels deposit; which is broken into two layers; Weathered and Fresh .The fresh Hornfels attributes are Fine grained, Very hard, High strength, Wear resistant. These properties ensure performance satisfaction in Road Construction and sealing, Concrete structural construction or any situation requiring a High Quality, Strong, Durable material. It ranges in colour from Blue, Grey to Black.

The fresh layer produces Sealing Aggregate, Concrete and drainage Aggregates, Class 1-2 and 3, Crushed rock Road Base, Decorative Walling Stone, Spalls and Castella Toppings. The Weathered layer produces, 40-75 NDCR Crushed Rock, Rubbles, Beaching Rock, B grade Aggregates, and fill.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing high quality products that conform to Vic Roads specifications. Custom blends can be discussed upon request. Pug mill Wet mix or Cement Stabilised Road Base is available on request.

A Full Delivery service is available. Pick up X Bin is welcomed. NO Trailers or Utilities will be loaded.

All loads are Weighbridge invoiced and sold by the tonne; Overloading of vehicles is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

We invite your inquiry and look forward to supplying your Quarry Rock requirements. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Castella Quarries Are A member of the c.m.p.a.

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